Our Vision

A thriving commercial space industry encompassing a broad range of technical and support businesses that contribute significantly to the economy of New Mexico. 


Our Mission

To create a broad and diverse community of support for Spaceport America in New Mexico that is informed and educated about the opportunities that space commercial development offers to the state and that is willing to promote those opportunities to the public, elected officials, policy makers and the media.


Our Focus

  • Ambassadors work with elected officials and economic development professionals to create local and state policies that support and enhance New Mexico's ability to utilize Spaceport America as a major economic development hub.


  • Ambassadors work with members of the travel and hospitality industry in support of Spaceport America's space tourism activities.


  • Ambassadors work with educators to excite young people about space, encourage pursuit of science and technology education and assist in the creation of an educated workforce to support aerospace and space commercial development in New Mexico.


Would you like to get involved?


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